Join us on October 17, 2012 at 6 PM Superstructures, 32 Sixth Avenue, 13th Floor, New York, NY

UPDATE ON THE RESTORATION OF SAN SEBASTIAN BASILICA, MANILA Investigation of Interior Finishes by Christine Leggio, Paint Conservator

Built in 1891, San Sebastian Basilica is the only all-metal church in the Philippines and one of a few in Asia. The church interior is painted to simulate stone, the work of important Filipino artists of the time. Corroding metal threatens the future of the trompe l'oeil interior finishes. Conservation of the painted finishes is one of the major challenges in the restoration of the Basilica.

Tickets are $25 each/ Students $10. Seating is limited. Ticket amount is tax-deductible. Proceeds will fund a research project to determine how the restoration may be of benefit to the economically disadvantaged community surrounding the Basilica.

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Exterior view of San Sebastian Basilica, Manila

Front Facade of the Basilica

The metal interior of the church was painted to simulate stone.

Water penetration is corroding the metal and damaging the painted finishes.

Corrosion of the metal panels

Severe corrosion at the base of the metal fluted column cover